Full Tech

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What is “Full Tech”?

The Full Tech is a custom knife that is made to be more affordable without sacrificing high end material or build quality. It is a custom knife that you wont be afraid to use, because there aren’t fancy finishes or materials to ruin and it didn’t cost you a as much money to obtain.

Each and every one is built by me, in my shop. They will all feature various colors of G10, 6A|4V Titanium liners, and CPM154 Blade Steel.

I am able to produce high end knives like this, featuring high grade materials, by getting rid of a lot of the “pretty” finish work and features I do on my standard customs.

Here is a list of things that help these knives be more cost effective:

Beadblasted G10 – G10 is one of the most durable handle materials on the market today and it does not cost nearly as much as other fancy materials like carbon fiber. By beadblasting G10, I eliminate a lot of the extra work I do on standard customs. Including hand rubbing all the way up to 600 grit, followed by buffing.

Beadblasted Titanium Liners -On my standard customs, I mirror finish the liners. It is a time consuming and strenuous task. By sanding the liners to 320 grit, followed by a bead blast, I eliminate a majority of the finish work I normally do on my knives. This saves time, and knuckles

Chisel Ground Blades – By grinding only one side, the amount of time I spend on the grinder is significantly decreased. There is less material to remove, no plunges to match up, and I do not have to measure bevels to my usual standards of symmetry. This also makes abrasives last twice as long, as it is half the work that the belt normally receives

Beadblasted Blades – All Full Tech blades will be beadblasted (soon to be tumbled). This eliminates the standard process of hand rubbing flats to a mirror finish, and finishing bevels to no less than 600 grit.


Hand Contoured Scales – I contour all of my scales with files, and I will continue to do so on the Full Techs. When using a custom knife, there are a few things that absolutely cannot be sacrificed, and one of those is comfort.

Lock Failure Test – Every single lock will be ran through a series of test, ensuring you are getting a safe knife. This test includes spine wack, vise wiggle, and attempting to force the knife shut by hand (before it is sharpened). A knife will not leave my shop without passing my lock tests.

Razor Sharp – Full Tech knives will be just as sharp as the the other customs I produce. I sharpen all knives to an absolute true mirror using a 2 stage buff. This gives my knives an extremely sharp edge, and you should handle your knife with caution.


If you guys have any further questions, please let me know.

I look forward to producing the lowest cost high end custom folders available on the market today.

Beat the hell out of them.