Hey Guys! It’s time for my 2014 end of year/2015 beginning of year announcements.

Last year was a tough year for my family. With Dad being in the hospital, I don’t think any of us were “back to normal” for a few months after he got out of the hospital and finished treatment. I worked really hard to live up to the statement I put out at the beginning of 2014, and I think I did a good job given the circumstances. This past fall/winter Dad has been making solid and steady progress and recovery. In fact if you didn’t know it, you would never have guessed he had been through cancer and the treatment that goes with it. We are extremely happy and thankful for his good health now, and all the support that kept us positive through the tough times. This isn’t just from me, but my whole family; THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US THIS YEAR.

It is my greatest hope that my Dad never has to go back, and our family doesn’t have to go through tough times like this again. I don’t wish it upon anybody.

I see 2015 almost like a fresh start. (Hopefully) No health concerns or great stresses of any kind.

I couldn’t dedicate myself 100% to the shop and the business last year, but this year I am. I couldn’t hit my 1000 knife goal last year, but this year I am. I couldn’t be around to take every email last year, but this year I am. I am giving it my all this year and taking Jarosz Knives far beyond what it is right now, and hopefully next year at this time we can all look back and say “holy crap”. Haha. All joking aside, I really wan’t to grow this thing and be a better person, and a better Knife Company.

Big Changes?
I have been hinting around and have talked with many of you on the phone or via email about some changes being made this year. Time to make everything transparent and public.
I have been asked, and had requests on framelocks for the last 3 years as I have not been building any. This year I am building Framelocks. Not just a few, but a majority of my folders. These framelocks will be semi-custom. They will be cut using Wire EDM Technology and have some small amount of work done on mills. If you are not familiar with EDM, this is one of the most accurate and precise methods of machining available in the world today. With Wire EDM, tolerances not before imaginable are now available to knifemakers. These new semi-custom folders will be about 25% machine made and 75% hand work, and all of the work is done right here in Norfolk, NE. This DOES NOT mean I am quitting doing my custom stuff. I will be offering all the regular custom knives to my order book exclusively, with the exception of a few special pieces done for shows, lottery, or auction throughout the year. This will make completing orders for me more efficient and I will get to take care of all you guys who have been waiting so patiently much faster.
The advanced technology used in creating the Semi-Custom line is going to set new standards for fit and finish, at no extra charge. In fact, you are going to be paying $500 or less for a knife that is going to perform like a $1000 knife. Fit will be incredible, Wire EDM holds extremely tight tolerances and it does it with ease. Finish is going to be right on par with my customs, because I am going to be hand grinding, sanding, and finishing each one of these myself. Along with shnazzy new levels of build quality, I am offering brand new versions of all the folders in my line. M100, Pulsar, M75 and perhaps some others you haven’t seen for a while. All will be completely new and fresh.
Yet another advantage to the Semi-custom line is how many knives I am going to be able to produce. You are going to see a steady flow of folders going out the door, right along side the fixed blades. Rather than seeing just 50 fixed blades a month on Sale Sunday, you are going to see 50 folders and 50 Fixed blades, and on top of that I will still be completing more orders than I have ever been.
Speaking of fixed blades, in the next few months you are going to see some brand new stuff. I started knifemaking with the intent of building awesome outdoor knives and in 2013/2014 I finally got back into doing that, 2015 will continue the growth of the fixed blade line and production all at a great price, of course.

When’s my knife going to be done?
With the thread I started a while ago about knife maker wait times, I have gotten a lot of good info and will be handling my orders in a different way now. I am going to be sending out a newsletter monthly and including the next names on the list in that email. I haven’t yet decided how many people will be on that list at a time but it should be around 20. This way you will get to see your name as it comes up and you will have a couple of months (as I will explain in the email) to not only gather funds but to decide what you would like to order. This should prevent the buyers from having to email the maker to find out when their name is up, and it will keep me in the shop more. Everybody wins.

Last year I joined the KA-BAR team as a designer and I am still there! It takes some time to go from design to prototype to product, but don’t worry, KA-BAR Jarosz is coming. That’s about all I can say. If you happen to be going to SHOT, be sure to swing by the booth!

We’re Getting Married!
Last but not least, Keshia and I are getting married! We are extremely excited to start our lives together, and you will continue to see us both at all the shows and events together. Is she going to start making knives? I have no idea. lol. Maybe someday we can talk her into giving it a shot!

As you can see, there is a lot of big stuff happening around here, and I am happy to have you all involved!

Thank you guys all for the support in 2014, I look forward to working with you all again this year! Hope you all have a great 2015, talk soon!

-Jesse Jarosz
Jarosz Knives LLC