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Small Chefs Knife


The Small Chefs Knife:

4.5″ Cutting Edge
9″ Overall
Contoured Handles
.07″ Blade Stock and -.003″ Edge Thickness

This series of user grade kitchen knives is built to be affordable without sacrificing top tier performance. When building these, I cut down on embellishments and flash, and focused solely on the function of the knife. These knives aren’t made to be pretty, they’re made to be put to work, and I think you’ll enjoy doing just that. The blanks are cut using CNC Waterjet process, all other work is done 100% by hand on manual machines. The flat portion of the blades of these knives is mill scale, which means it is unground. This is a huge savings on cost and time, but also gives the knife a “rugged” look. Some of the knives might have scars or dimples in the mill scale, but I think this is just more character and part of what makes each individual knife unique. You won’t have to feel bad about scuffing this knife up, and you’ll feel 100% confident with the performance when going to work in the kitchen. Hope you enjoy your new knife, please use it well and have fun!





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Black G10, Red Liners, Black G10, Blue Liners, Cornflower Blue G10, White Liners

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