Kepler Liner Lock


Kepler Liner Lock Folder
CPM 154 Blade, 3.5″ at the edge
Satin finish bevels and hardware
Tumbled Flats and Liners
Contoured Handle Scales
6AL4V Titanium Liners and Clip
Please Allow up to One Week for Shipping

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Zirc / Unidirectional, Zirc / Blue CF, Zirc / Red CF, Ti OD G10, Ti Orange G10, Ti Black G10, Blue Till / CF, Silver Twill / CF, Blue Twill Stripe, Silver Twill Stripe, Z7 Shred Marble, Blue CF, Red CF, Unidirectional CF, Carbon Fiber, Forest G10, Black G10, Coyote G10, OD G10, Earth G10